21 | 08 | 2017

Set DWG Custom Properties

Use the code below to specify a drawings custom properties (FILE > DRAWING PROPERTIES) .

{code lang:vbnet lines:false hidden:false}Sub SetCustomDwgProps()

'Lines below set the standard properties
ThisDrawing.SummaryInfo.Author = ThisDrawing.GetVariable("LOGINNAME")
ThisDrawing.SummaryInfo.Comments = "Comments Created by VisibleVisual"
ThisDrawing.SummaryInfo.RevisionNumber = 1
ThisDrawing.SummaryInfo.Title = "VisibleVisual Example"
ThisDrawing.SummaryInfo.Subject = "Entering Properties"
ThisDrawing.SummaryInfo.Keywords = "Example, VBA, Code"

'The lines below create custom properties
Call setCustvalue("PLATFORM", ThisDrawing.GetVariable("PLATFORM"))
Call setCustvalue("COMPUTER", Environ("ComputerName"))
Call setCustvalue("SERIAL", ThisDrawing.GetVariable("_PKSER"))
Call setCustvalue("WEBSITE", "www.visiblevisual.com")
End Sub

'Set Custom Property Value
Sub setCustvalue(key, value)

Dim custvalue As String
Set oSumm = ThisDrawing.SummaryInfo
On Error Resume Next
oSumm.GetCustomByKey key, custvalue
On Error GoTo 0

If custvalue = "" Then
oSumm.AddCustomInfo key, value
oSumm.SetCustomByKey key, value
End If
End Sub{/code}

 The example above gives the following results.



'Dwg Properties Window'
'Dwg Custom Properties Window'

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