21 | 08 | 2017

Users Interaction

Code can be pauzes to ask for users input. Or just create a whole new command that uses users interaction. The code below shows how intercation is made with the user to set the activelayer to a different color.

Sub Interact()
'*** Code from VisibleVisual.com ********
Dim StrColor As String
'Set the keywords
ThisDrawing.Utility.InitializeUserInput 0, "Blue Red Yellow Green"
'Send the command to the commandline and wait for return input
StrColor = ThisDrawing.Utility.GetKeyword(vbCr & "Enter text color[Blue/Red/Yellow/Green]:")
'Check the users input
Select Case StrColor
    Case "Blue": ThisDrawing.ActiveLayer.color = acBlue
    Case "Red": ThisDrawing.ActiveLayer.color = acRed
    Case "Yellow": ThisDrawing.ActiveLayer.color = acYellow
    Case "Green": ThisDrawing.ActiveLayer.color = acGreen
End Select
MsgBox "The activelayercolor has changed to " & StrColor
End Sub



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