20 | 09 | 2017

Print Form to Default Printer

It is possible to print a Form to the default printer. You can use the code below to do so.

Private Sub Command1_Click()

'*** Code from VisibleVisual.com ********

PrintFormFields Printer, Me, True

End Sub

' Print the Labels and TextBoxes.
Private Sub PrintFormFields(ptr As Object, frm As Form, draw_box As Boolean)
Dim ctl As Control
Dim wid As Single
Dim hgt As Single

For Each ctl In frm.Controls
If TypeOf ctl Is Label Then
PrintText ptr, frm, ctl, ctl.Caption, False
ElseIf TypeOf ctl Is TextBox Then
PrintText ptr, frm, ctl, ctl.Text, True
End If
Next ctl

If draw_box Then
wid = frm.ScaleX(frm.ScaleWidth, frm.ScaleMode, vbTwips)
hgt = frm.ScaleY(frm.ScaleHeight, frm.ScaleMode, vbTwips)
ptr.Line (0, 0)-Step(wid, hgt), , B
End If
End Sub

' Print text where the control belongs.
Private Sub PrintText(ptr As Object, frm As Form, ctl As Control, txt As String, draw_box As Boolean)
Dim l As Single
Dim t As Single
Dim wid As Single
Dim hgt As Single

l = frm.ScaleX(ctl.Left, frm.ScaleMode, vbTwips)
t = frm.ScaleY(ctl.Top, frm.ScaleMode, vbTwips)
If draw_box Then
ptr.CurrentX = l + _
ScaleX(0.2 * ctl.Font.Size, vbPoints, vbTwips)
ptr.CurrentY = t + _
ScaleY(0.2 * ctl.Font.Size, vbPoints, vbTwips)
ptr.CurrentX = l
ptr.CurrentY = t
End If

' Select the printer font.
ptr.Font.Name = ctl.Font.Name
ptr.Font.Size = ctl.Font.Size

ptr.Print txt
If draw_box Then
wid = frm.ScaleX(ctl.Width, frm.ScaleMode, vbTwips)
hgt = frm.ScaleY(ctl.Height, frm.ScaleMode, vbTwips)
ptr.Line (l, t)-Step(wid, hgt), , B
End If
End Sub

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